Left loop after bind off

I’m knitting an asymmetrical shawl which uses Russian bindoff to decrease st from time to time. Having just bound for 4 st at the beginning of a row, the directions say, ‘loop left after bind off.’ What does this mean?

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Similar to the more common stitch over stitch bind off, the Russian bind off ends with a single loop left on the right needle after the bind off. You can probably cut the yarn leaving a 6" tail and pull the yarn end through the loop. If your pattern has specific directions for this loop, then follow those.

What pattern are you using?

Thanks, but the thing is I’m not ending with this bind-off…it’s at the beginning of a row. Bind off 4 then continue…and I have a ways to go! I just ignored it and kept going and all is well. I’m making a malabrigo pattern called bleeker, a shawl, though using a different yarn.

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One of the hardest things for me to grasp was that after binding off 4 sts at the beginning of a row there would be that loop on the needle which would count for a stitch as I continued. I don’t know if that’s what you’re referring to. It’s a paid pattern so we can’t see exactly what it says. You can copy/paste that line of the pattern for us, just not the whole pattern.

OK, your pattern is reminding you that there will be one loop left after the bind off. That stitch counts as part of the continuing row of stitches. That’s very nice of them to do that. Not all patterns take this into account, especially mid-row and it can be confusing.

ETA: There’s usually a loop left on the right needle after several bind offs including the Russian and the commonly used stitch over stitch bind offs. (Due to the need to work 2sts before beginning to bind off one.)