I’m left handed and I can tell you it is near impossible to find any book’s or how-to video’s for us ten percent.Is there anyone who can give me a hand with this?:knitting:

It’s tough being left-handed and trying to learn something new. I also am left handed and my godmother was right handed. What she did was sit facing me so the I was able to learn to knit.

well,I was able to teach myself all the basics but what I am haveing trouble with is the more advanced stuff like Instarsia.And I am the ONLY knitter in my family everyone else are die hard crocheters!Thanks for answering me it is good to know there are other lefties out there.I was begining to wonder…

Have you tried searching for videos on youtube.com? try here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v00r6CJs48o
There are quite a few videos, Hope this helps!!

thanks a lot for the tip.I actually learned to knit with those first few pages in the book Boye put in there learn to knit kit I got at walmart.When I tried to move on from there it seemed like"hellooo,is anything out there"!lol :hair:

This may repeat some of the basics that you’ve already learned but it seemed like a helpful site.
I’m a lefty too but I learned to knit right-handed since that was the way my teacher knit.

This might sound stupid, but hold the printed material up to a mirror. The illustrations will be reversed for you. Another thing you can do if you’re technologically savvy is to paste these pictures into a program like Photoshop. They have a setting where you can reverse the image. It’s like a photo negative setting. You will then be able to print it out to refer to.

A friend of mine was restoring an old family photo. The photo developing place didn’t watch what they were doing. They printed the picture in reverse. The lettering on a building name in the background was backward. He was able to reverse it with this setting so the orientation was correct.

Here would be an example of reversing these images in a photo editing program. If you don’t have one, there are free ones you can use online without a download.

Here’s an example of a pic for right handers:

And reversed for left handers:

And reversed:

Find an online illustration of knitting position, etc that you want. Right click. Save as. Save this to your computer. Go to www.pxlr.com. Open Photo editor. Open image from computer. Image. Flip canvas horizontal. File. Save as. Save the new reversed pic to your comp to study later.

Just my two cents as a 100% left hander: look into knitting Portuguese Style by Andrea Wong.

Watch this video and see if it appeals to you:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzfYS9_t27k

If you like this and decide to pursue the technique Andrea’s videos for sale aren’t very expensive. I have all three. Here’s her website.


Good luck, and happy knitting!