Left-hander Here

Hi, I’m new to this forum and I’m sure this has been asked before but which video would I used since I am left-handed? I was taught to knit holding the yarn in my right hand, if that makes any difference.


sounds like the blue ones but maybe try them both and see which one feels the most natural to you.

People of both hands can use either style. It’s just a matter of which you are comfortable with. I learned English, did it respectably well, then found this site and tried Continental. It makes me feel so FREEEEEE! It is so much better to be able to hold the yarn with the left hand. I get sick of having to think before I use my right hand to do things, and it just happens naturally with my left. If I were you, I’d get a cheapo ball of yarn and just sit in front of the videos, copying Amy’s movements to see where it gets you. Good luck! :thumbsup:

I’m also a leftie but I didn’t want to have to spend my life reversing the patterns to work with left handed knitting. I found that I was a complete mess with English style, but Continental feels right. From one leftie to another, start with Continental.

*But holding the yarn in your right hand is English style – but still try Continental!

Twiggy is referring to knitting so that your stitches come off the right needle onto the left, and basically reversing the knitting process. I like Continental as a lefty, because I don’t have to rethink and reverse the pattern, I get to follow the directions like everyone else, I just get to hold the yarn in my left hand.

I think you just have to figure out what’s comfy for YOU. For instance, I can only knit continental when I am double-knitting and carrying another yarn for purling in my R hand. Im quite the phenomenon! Even when I knit English, what I actually DO is pretty close to the movements you do when you knit conti.

Ummm…A MAJOR HARDCORE Lefty here!!! :waving: I taught myself Continental knitting. When I first started I was holding the yarn a bit different. :thinking: Then when I seen Amy’s videos on Continental knitting I decided to hold the yarn through my fingers like she does in her videos. (Around my pinky, etc.) :thumbsup:

Continental seems to work out very well for me. The “picking” motion of knitting seems to almost be effortless. :cheering: Very smooth. :wink:

So to you lefties out there, if you haven’t already…Give Continental a try!! :happydance: You’ll be glad you did.

Fellow Continental Lefty,


Wow, there sure are a lot of lefties here – granted righties are probably less drawn to the subject of the message, but still. I’m used to being the lone leftie.

somewhat related, i suppose, to this thread, but I knit basically backwards–that is completely lefty. I hold the yarn and the working needle with my left hand, and so my big question is this–do i and when do i have to reverse the pattern directions?


It’s no wonder that lefties are satistically more likely to die an accidental death, we have to rethink pretty much everything… :rollseyes:

Oh gosh, I’m too tired to think the answer to your question, Katy. I’ll take a stab at it tomorrow. Better yet, where is yellowness? She is an absolute whiz at written explanations. She really impresses me.

I am seriously off to bed… :heart:

Lefty here too…

I started with Continental, but ended up with hand cramps…went back to the other way, no hand cramps…am back to working with Continental, as I believe the hand cramps were just my holding the yarn too tightly.

Just do lots of practice and dont be afraid to try something different!

I knit Continental. It was the only method that I was able to teach myself. Come to think of it, I don’t think I had even heard of knitting left-handed when I was learning. I wanna say all I found was instructions for Continental and right-handed knitting.


Wow, you guys, thanks for all the input. I’m definitely going to get some scrap yarn and watch the Continental videos. One thing that I have found from the time I was taught to knit is that my yarn twists as I go. Now I hold the yarn in my right hand and feed the stitches from the right needle to the left and I’m very careful as to how I make a knit stitch but still the yarn twists like a phone cord and I have to stop every now and then and undo it.

Any ideas?

I’m a right handed person but I knit Continental with the yarn in my left hand.

I recently met up with some girls from the knittyboards, and they were all fascinated by the way I knit!

barefootcajun (love the name!) I get twisted yarn as well, my only solution is to keep unwinding the ball as I go. I usually have it in a bag at my feet so it has room to move as I’m knitting. It also really depends on the yarn. My 100% cotton yarn got all twisty as I was knitting my summer top. But my Poesie yarn from Italy is not twisting.

Ok, so that probably didn’t help you at all!! Maybe someone else has an idea?

All I can say is WOW! I’ve been sitting here for the past 1/2 hour watching Amy cast on and knit in the Continental style and I think I’ve got the hang of it. Holding the yarn in my left hand was totally foreign to me but I think the key is finding a way to comfortably hold the yarn and feed it as you need it. I have to say that my stitches are better than they were when I was knitting the other way. I don’t think I was taught quite correctly.

My problem is now at the end of the row. For some reason I seem to be increasing as I go. Maybe I just really screwed it up for the first few rows. :roflhard:

Thanks for all the advice, y’all. I look forward to learning to knit again through this site. :XX:

At the beginning of the row, make sure that you pull the yarn down. Sometimes the yarn is up and it looks like there’s an extra stitch…does that make sense?? I’ll try and find a pic of it.


sharon is right. when you turn i think the yarn seems to generally be up over the top of the needle…you need to make sure you pull it down and behind. if you don’t there is an extra little “leg” for you to knit that you don’t want there.

I didn’t realize there were so many left-handers out there. I am a self-taught knitter and I tried (sort of) both English and Continental, but I gave up on the Continental because I couldn’t get my hands to do what I thought they should, and it felt backwards to me. I’m doing find using English, but I think maybe I’ll sit down with Amy’s video’s and really give it a shot to go Continental!! We’ll see!!