Left handed knitting

HI all, I am about to teach a left handed lady how to knit… What is the best way to go about this and she not have to adjust patterns so she can knit them left handed? Should I teach her continental knitting? Is there more than one left handed knitting technique? thanks knitrsue

Actual left handed knitting will require some changes. All, but one left hander I know knits right handed, some continental, some English. Since knitting is basically a two handed activity maybe show her both ways to begin with. After all right handers knit both ways, too.

I have taught a few lefties to knit. I show them the ‘normal’ way, which they learn perfectly fine, and as time goes on I’ve noticed that they make adjustments to the technique where they are making a lot more motions with their left hand. It just naturally evolved as they became more comfortable with the process.

I am a “lefty” and knit English style. I learned to crochet first and since it was more natural to hold the hook in my left hand and the yarn in my right it was a no brainer to learn to knit with the working yarn in my right hand. I don’t make any adjustments in the way I do the stitches. (At least not that I’m aware of)