Left-handed knitting

Hello. How do left-handed knitters do ktog and ssk? I have asked many and searched online and there doesn’t seem to be an answer. Many suggested that once I slipped two stitches (knitwise) to my left kneedle I would then put my right needle through the front of that left needle. I realized that what they’re suggesting is exactly how I do ktog!! Aaaahhhh! If anyone has any answers, PLEASE help me!!! Thanks!!

I had no idea that lefties knit any differently from the righties. That’s my new knowledge for the day I guess. I guess my next question would be, are you Continental knitting? I would think that if you were Western Knitting that even left handed you would do your decreases and increases normally. I’m going to keep my eye out for the answer because you now have my curiosity piqued. :slight_smile:

A k2tog makes a right leaning decrease. When I knit left handed, my stitches lean toward the left. I’m not sure if your setup is the same. So you may need to adjust. Okay, here is what I do. With the working needle in your left hand, slid the needle into 2 back loops. Bring the working yarn under the needle, over the tip & thru both loops on the needle. Slide the 2 stitches off. Two stitches have been worked into one. The decrease leans right.

I had a book once that explained learning instructions for left And right handed knitters. It is different. I had to teach myself in order to teach my friend (a left handed knitter) how to knit. Here’s a good video of it.

Do you actually mean knitting left handed as in you put the left needle into the stitch OR do you mean continental knitting which is when you hold the working yarn in your left hand? They are very different things although they are sometimes confused…

With continental…there is no difference on how you do the actual stitches…just how you hold the yarn. But when you knit left handed, you hold the work in your right hand and move the left needle. So when you get to the end of your row…all the work is in the left needle…instead of the right one for right handed knitters.

I had no idea that there is a left-handed way to knit and a right-handed way to knit. OR that it made a difference. I have taught my left-handed daughter to knit and I’m right-handed. I just taught her to knit the same way I do it. I didn’t think it mattered, since with knitting you use both hands equally.

Have I scarred her for life? HELP!!!


I think most left handers knit right handed so there’s less having to rework patterns.

Knitcindy, I agree with Jan. Most lefties knit with the working needle in the right hand, just like right handed knitters. It isn’t because knitting right handed or left handed is easier. You use both hands to knit anyway. It is because patterns are written for right handed knitters.