Left handed knitting

I am a left handed knitter. My question is, when starting my pattern says that this is the RS (right side), so does this apply to left handed knitting or is the RS facing my WS in the left handed world?

Hi Robin,

When you say left handed do you mean you knit from the right needle onto the left, hold your yarn in the left hand and knit English, or what.

I’m left handed, but I knit “right handed”.

I’d think the right side of your project would still be the same as a right handed knitter, but you might be starting your row from the left edge rather than the right edge. Since you’re turning the work and knitting alternately on the RS then the WS, etc. I think it’s more a matter of reversing any patterns and/or shaping to have the piece come out correctly. For something symetrical like a sweater back it really shouldn’t make a difference.

(Just thinking about having to read charts backwards gives me a headache.)

I know there are some other leftys on the forum who might have better ideas on this than I do.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


“When you say left handed do you mean you knit from the right needle onto the left” that would be me! Also, does anyone know of a link with detailed directions of picking up stitches? I am on dialup that is so slooooooow, I could have a sweater knitted by the time the videos download from this site with our internet.

Right side = outside of the finished work not right vs. left, so even if you are knitting so that your stitches move from the right needle to the left, RS is always RS.

Are you knitting onto your left needle, or just holding the yarn in your left hand? If you hold the yarn in your left hand but knit from the left needle to the right needle, you are knitting in the continental manner.