Left Handed knitting in the round

So. I learned to knit left handed…moving the yarn from my right hand needle to my left. I never had a problem working this way UNTIL I tried makiing socks and I discovered that knitting in this counterclockwise manor made the RS on the INSIDE of the “tube” --this can be resolved by two ways.

  1. where the pattern tells you to knit., you pearl. and visa versa
  2. Turning the piece inside out when you are done.

Altogether it’s quite awkward…but not as awkward as learning to knit right handed. I’ve tried and no can do.

Any other suggestions.??

I am a left-handed knitter and I love making socks. The way I knit in the rnd is I go the wrong direction. It works for me!

I don’t think the problem is that you’re working left handed. I think the problem is that you’re knitting with the tube you’re making closer to you than the needles. Check this or another left handed video and see if you can figure out what I mean. HTH

See if you can just flip your knitting now so that you’re working on the outside of the tube. You want to do the left-hand version of this video:

Agreed on the problem.

Check this link and look at how she’s holding the work. It doesn’t matter what method you’re using. All methods must be held this way to have he right side out.

Since the vast majority of patterns are written for knitters who use the right handed method (both english and continenal)you will run into some problems knitting left handed. With a little extra work you can figure them out though.