Left Handed Knitters

A friend of mine is learning how to knit and she is having a hard time.

She is left handed, and says her hand really hurts. I watched her knit and it looks kind of awkward. She’s knitted two scarves already and I think by know it should be coming a little easier.

She can only knit for about 30 minutes without pain, and she’s in her 20’s so I don’t think it’s arthritis or anything like that.

She’s getting rather frustrated. Is she doing something wrong that it’s causing such pain for her?

Any advice you have would be wonderful.


Hmmm… I am not a left handed knitter, but I am thinking it may be that she could be holding the needles very tightly? When I first started knitting, I held mine tightly and had sore hands as a result.

Maybe give her the link to the videos on this site. Amy has some great videos for leftys. Hopefully that helps a bit.

You might suggest she take a class at a LYS. They probably have someone who can teach left handers and can also diagnose what might be the problem. Or if not a class at least ask them about it.

I have a book and in it it says this about left handed knitting:

As both hands are of equal importance, standard knitting methods should present no difficulty to left-handed knitters. For those workers who find it easier to switch the needles so that the left hand holds the yarn, then a reversed image is the simplest way of following instructions.

To see diagrams in reverse, prop the page facing towards a mirror.

Left-handed workers should also try the Continental Method, the action of this method in which the left hand manipulates the yarn, comes naturally to them.

I hope that helps!

I’m a lefty…and I’d suggest if she isn’t already to try knitting Continental Method like Fudgie suggested. :thumbsup:

I find it very easy and came very natural to me.

Also…like mentioned above try not to hold the knitting needles to tightly, relax.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


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Thanks! I’ll forward this on to her.

I am almost 29 and left handed as well :slight_smile: I am am learning to knit like a right hander, i.e. I “throw” the yarn with my right hand.

When I’m done knitting, my hands, arms, and neck are a bit sore. Perhaps I’m sitting funny, but I’m probably just sitting real tight and focusing a bit hard since I don’t want to mess up!