Left Handed Help

I am a fairly new, self taught, left handed knitter! I discovered I had an issue and after some experiments I figured out my problem. When magic loop knitting, all my work ends up on the inside. No matter what I do, my knits are knits and my purls are purls, but they’re all on the inside. I don’t have this problem when knitting flat or regular circular. In the grand scheme, it still works and looks nice, but I want to know why this is happening and how to stop it. Thanks in advance!

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I wonder if you’re knitting has flipped and perhaps can be easily corrected. This can happen to right handed knitters too.

See if this helps but if not come back and maybe a left-hander can help. I’m a decided leftly but learned to knit right-handed.

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Hi! I’m a right handed knitter and use two circulars rather than magic loop but my knitting in the round always ends up inside out! I do this deliberately when working stranded patterns as it helps to stop the floats getting too tight. I think it’s just the way the knitting falls.- you can turn it back the right way but it doesn’t make any difference. The only bother is when the pattern is truly reversible such as ribbing or brioche, and then you can end up disorientated and, after a break, knit back the wrong way! With such patterns, I just put a removable stitch market on the right side so that I know where I am if I’ve had to put the knitting down!