Left hand knitting

I have a friend wanting to learn to knit. She is left handed. Where can I direct her to start or are there simply no “special” instructions for lefties?..If not is the continental method best for her. Thanks for any help.

There are a bunch of posts in here about teaching or learning left handed. The majority of lefties seem to knit “right handed”, but there are a few who do knit truly left handed.

Here’s a few links to previous posts that’ll probably answer most of your questions.

My suggestion for ease with patterns and all the tutorials around is to teach her right handed. Remind her that knitting is awkward for virtually everyone at first regardless of handedness. If she truly can’t get it then give these sights a try. You Tube has lots of videos, too.

I have an old Learn to Knit book from Leisure Arts that shows both left and right handed knitting. Don’t know if they still publish it or not. About 15 yrs old.