Left and right slanting?

How is a left slanting triple decrease done ???
How is a right slanting triple decrease done???

Hmmmm, triple or double dec? What pattern is it or how does the line read? I’ve never heard of a triple decrease.

It’s from “Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket” www.heartstringsfiberarts.com

The pattern reads:

Row 1: sl 1wyif, * 3, (yo, k1) 5 times, yo, /3. p2, rep from*…

The directions explain what the slants mean, I just don’t know which way to insert the right needle into the yarn. Does right slant mean insert needle toward right, as to knit and left slant toward left as to purl?
Can you figure it out?

That’s really a double decrease I think - the next 3 sts will become 1 st. A left slanting decrease would be slip 1, k2tog, psso. A right slanting decrease is k3tog.

I’m going to write that down. The terminology you used is more familiar to me and I’m more comfortable with it. Many thanks suzeeq !! I’m going to go try this now!

Check your stitch count though; I saw in the other thread the directions Mario gave for a triple decrease, though the sssk was really a double decrease, while the slip1 k3tog would be a triple dec. So you need to see if you’re making 4 sts into 1 (a triple) or 3 sts into 1 (a double).