Left and Right Cross Stitch

I just started a French Girl pattern and after the cable cast on I need to do Left Cross Stitch. I have looked it up on the internet but when I follow the pattern I do not end up in the center of the yoke.
Is there a way to do the LCS where it increases stitches?

What is it you’re making, and where are the increases? If you can’t give a link to the pattern, maybe you could carefully quote a couple of the rows where you are having trouble.

Thank you so much fro the reply :slight_smile:
I am making Fantine from French girl. I might be reading the pattern incorrectly but what it is asking for is “LCS, p1” 8 times. I am doing this on 47 cable cast on and when I finish the 8 times I should be at the center back. This should be followed by I believe RCS +p1(?) 7 times and then says finish with button hole. I am at work and do not have the pattern with me but I am sure about the LCS, p1 8x, RCS 7x and that there is a button row. I purchased it so I do not have a link to it directly. It is such a cute sweater and I am very excited to start it but so far have about 12 hours in and have 47 cable cast on stitch on 17 needles :slight_smile: I went to the French Girl site and found this link. It might not be an increase at all I just dont know how to get to the center.

I managed to find a picture of this shrug you are working on. The picture I saw did not have left and right cross stitches all over it, but it did look like it had a couple right in front on each side. It looks like the pattern may have had several options for how to make it though.

L and R cross stitches are not increases. They are a decorative stitch worked over only two stitches. I figured out how LCS, p1 8X, then RCS , p1 7 X would fit into 47 stitches and it works out coming to the center like you said it should and working over to leave a few for the buttonhole.

Somewhere on your pattern it should explain exactly what they want you to do for the LCS and the RCS. But if it doesn’t, this is what it probably is. A LCS may be what is also called a C2B (cable 2 back). This is like a little miniture cable that is worked without a cable needle, over only 2 stitches. You knit into the back loop of the 2nd stitch (just skip over the 1st stitch for now) on the needle but don’t let anything off the end of the LH (left hand) yet. Then go back and knit the first stitch on the needle in the normal way. Now let both stitches slip from the LH needle. Working into the back loop causes the little cable to twist to the left.

I think the RCS is the same as a C2F (cable 2 front). This is a miniture cable again that twists to the right. Skip the first stitch, and knit into the 2nd stitch on the LH needle, don’t let anything off the end of the LH needle. Now go back and knit the 1st stitch in the normal way and let both come off the end of the LH needle.

I believe there is at least one other way to accomplish a cross of this kind, so your instructions could be a little different, but if they don’t tell you what to do, that will work.

Remember that the cross stitches each are worked over 2 stitches. So if you do 8 of them that will be 16 stitches, and each of those 8 crosses are followed by a purl stitch, so that is 8 more. Now we’re up to 16+8=24. Then you do 7 more crosses for 14 stitches…24+14 is 38 plus the purl stitches following the crosses…7 more 38+7=45, which leaves 2 for the buttonhole. That first run of LCS, P1 8 times will get you right to the middle stitch. The last P1 in that group will be stitch #24, right in the middle, with 23 stitches on each side of it.

I hope this helps you.

I can’t wait to get home and try this again. There are directions in the front of the pattern that sound like what you are describing. I am going to try reading your steps as they are clearer. Maybe I need to practice on scrap yarn. LOL!
Thank you~Thank you~thank you!!!
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Merigold in WA ~~~ You are amazing!!!
I followed your instructions and success…12 hours and nothing in the last 2 days and less than 30 minutes and poof, a row. Thanks again~


Thanks for the response. I’m glad you are on your way, and that I could be of help.