Leeds United knitting pattern

Ok so I’m looking for a Leeds united blanket knitting pattern ( ideally written out as opposed to a grid) please pass on and share I promised my sister if there is one out there I’d knit it for her baby :baby:t3:

What is Leeds United? Where have you looked?

I Googled: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeds_United_F.C.

Ahh… should have been my first thought, too. So I wonder what a blanket looks like… colors maybe?

It’s an English Football club. I’ve looked everywhere online . I’m hoping someone has made their own and is willing to share the pattern .

If you want to incorporate the logo, your best bet may be to use a photo file from a website and a program like stitchboard


I’ve seen some very successful blankets with American pro-football and college logos made that way. I don’t think you’re going to find written directions, however. Stitchboard will create a chart but it’ll be workable.
You could also consider making the blanket in the colors of the team or with border stripes in the team colors. What about sewing a small patch of the team logo onto a corner?

Maybe you can answer a question for me? I’ve always wondered what the “united” in Leeds United or Manchester United means.

Back when football originated there were only a handful of teams. As the sport grew lots of little teams “united” together hence the term United :slight_smile:

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Many thanks. I hope the baby blanket goes well!

For those wondering who on earth Leeds United are! :slight_smile:

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Magnificent! It’ll warm the heart of any Leeds fan and maybe even some who aren’t. Thanks very much for posting.