Leaving the Internet for awhile

Hello everyone,
If anyone would like to have my address I have added it here for you. My husband and i are having BIG problems with bills so we are shutting down Time Warner so that will be cable tv, phone, and my internet. We need to though so we can get cought up on electic we are behind BAD. Lately i have been busy with getting ready for a HUGE yard sale that has so much fabric and quilt stuff i am going to be learning to sew so i have kept a few things for myself as well. But i hope i get a good amount out of this i am going to vegas June 15-18 my mom is taking me, and i want a little cash for that and maybe a little for bills. Talk to you all later!!
Vanessa Brooks
5215 Upperton Drive
Miamisburg, Ohio

Vanessa :thumbsup: :cheering:

Good luck, Vanessa! We’ll look forward to seeing you when ya get caught up!

:crying: So sorry to see u go, Vanessa. I know you had told me before u came over here that things were getting bad & I told u this forum would cheer u up, anyway :smiley: …I hope that happened & u found some fun here during your troubles. Have faith, girl…u will be back!! :thumbsup:
Now…u go to Vegas and end up in one of those high roller suites that u see on TV shows and at the movie!
miss ya… :crying: :waving:

I feel your pain.
Good Luck :wink:

Bummer. I will send positive thoughts your way. (And your bank account’s way, too :wink: ) Have fun in Vegas! Good luck.

Remember to check your library’s internet service if you need a “fix” of us!

~~~~~~~~sending good vibes ~~~~~~~~~

By Vanessa! I hope things get better financially! :pray: Sounds like you’ve got a smart plan. Who needs TV anyway? (Internet on the other hand! :shock: well, I’m sure you’ll cope!) :thumbsup: WTG, enjoy Vegas, and especially that yard sale!! :drool:

For now we are ok…his mom and dad gave us a push lets just say. I am still looking for a stupid job! I am getting upset no one wants me!!! I have not been knitting or anything lately i have SOOOO much going on! My yard sale is the 10-12th of june, VEGAS is the wensday-saterday after my sale and i am praying i get enough money to enjoy my trip! I then have a wedding the weekend after that to go to the weekend after that is 4th of july then my family get together but i am going to miss it to have another yard sale …then a break till Aug. first weekend ANOTHER sale . I am sooo busy!!! I wanted to take my knitting with me the scarf i have been working on for my grandpa, but i have been told they will not let me take my knitting on the plane. I am working with my circular denise needles a soft plastic like matieral i am telling you this world SUCKS! I am going to take 2 books with me lol.Well i better get ready i have to watch my neighbors brother for a little bit, then i need to take shower run to the newspaper come home and SLEEP i did not sleep AT ALL last night! Have a great day everyone!!!

Vanessa :angelgrin:

Who told you you cant take knitting on a plane? The TSA website says you CAN.

Vanessa, have you tried your local temporary services? I loved doing temp work. Even if you are not the secretary type, temp services fill positions for all sorts of jobs. It’s a good way to network, also.

I sympathize; no one seems to want ekgheiy either. :verysad: This can reek havoc on the 'ol self-esteem. Perhaps it wouldn’t if ekgheiy was NOT trying so hard :??

I have been to three temp services nothing yet lol and i went to the Employment Department and the girl laughed at me and told me the only job i can get is a job doing phlebotomy! I DO NOT want to work in the medical field again!! I only have medical field expierence BUT i learn fast and i love to learn new things!!! I am a workaholic and not working is driving me NUTTS. And knitting a few gals i know told me it depends on the Person checking bags…so i do not want to loose my work lol I am going to read lol.

Vanessa :XX:

Just a thought… You can get a free Yahoo or Hotmail account. Most public libraries now days have computers with internet access. They won’t let you chat but you could still have access to the forum and other sites.

I’ve been there, more times than I care to count. Check with some of the national temp agencies… often getting the foot in the door requires you to do something physical (labor) until you have tested high enough on their computer tests to do office work. Most of the national agencies also have free training available to increase your skills.

Thank you , and i kinda tried to do that with one factory that is lol. NO ONE i mean no one wants me!! I am sad Cause lol hee hee . I tried at Burger King and i was told i was to expierienced haa haa haa. But thank you so much for the Idea. Hope your knitting is coming along …I am trying to teach myself how to use a sewing machine lol and let me tell you …HA HA HA lol. I figured it out kinda lol …i just need A LOT OF PRACTICE…Have a great day!!!

Vanessa  :cheering:

No one uses their real names on here but i want to thank you for the post card it made my day!!! I LOVE getting mail!!! I have it on top of my tv . I did not want to say anything till after my Interview …I had an Interview at the WPAF (air force base) here in Ohio for a Vet. Assistant position and the Interview went I think GREAT…BUT They told me They wil let me know no later than next Tue if i have the job or not…I AM PRAYING i get it!!! My yard sale is this weekend 10-12th wish me luck i think it is supose to rainl :crying: :crying: We need rain but not on the days i need to have my sales on lol. Vegas is next Wensday - Saterday I am taking my digital camera so pictures pictures pictures!!! Thank you once again for the post card …you have no clue how much i needed that! Hope everyone is having a great day!!! I am going to post pictures of my fabric knit purse i started when i get around to it lol. Have a great day!!!

Vanessa :sunny:  :cheering:  :XX:  :D  :heart:  :angelgrin:  :waving:

wishing you good luck Tinkercat! :slight_smile:

Thank you and i like your site! I love all animals, and i have seen those and never knew the name for them lol. Hope your having a great day!!!

Vanessa :XX:

Um … are you talking to me? :?? … 'cause the web site in my signature isn’t actually my site. Just a site about Plecos that I like. :wink: hehe. I have a Pleco named Stimpy. :mrgreen:

Yes I was talk’n to you lol I knew it was not YOUR site I was just saying it was cool :smiley: And educational for me lol…Sorry hee hee .Have a good day!

Vanessa :cheering:

:oops: *hehehehe It is a cool site. Too bad I didn’t find it when Ren was alive :cry: I still have The Stimp Man though :cheering: