Leaves in the Rain socks - cobbled together by me!

I can never get an image to post so here’s the link to my purty new socks! :muah:I made them and realized that they would not fit me but they fit my friend Dawn like a glove!:woohoo:

Leaves in the Rain

I’ll add details later. Right now I need to go spend a king’s ransom to fill the larder…

:heart: They are beautiful.

Gorgeous! Great job.

Those are lovely!

Very nice!

ooo :inlove: Did you post in Watcha Knittin too?

Um, no :aww:. Should I? … [SIZE=1]where is it…[FONT=System] :)[/FONT][/SIZE]

I’ve been working on finishing projects that I have already started because I have WAY TOO MANY still OTN and the project bags are beginning to gather dust… :roflhard:

Finishing the “Leaves in the Rain” feels great! :woohoo:

My next project to finish is the Aran Jumper (pullover sweater) that I promised my DH. I made the first one using acrylic and it GREW when I washed it. :aww: :teehee: I didn’t know then about “killing” acrylic. Had I known, he would have had a gorgeous dark blue Aran Jumper. Instead, we gifted to a friend of ours that it actually fits. :yay: I’m just waiting for the day that he wears it and I have my camera with me…

Doh! Found it. If there are any mods available, would you be so wonderfully kind as to move this thread to the Whatcha Knittin section?

Beautiful socks!

I moved your post and added the photo. Follow the directions that are linked in my signature (or here in the What’cha Knittin’ forum) to learn how to do it. :wink:

Much appreciated Jan. Yes, I spotted the tut earlier but hadn’t had time to play with getting the image posted.

Wow! You made the image pop! Thank you :smiley:

Wonderful work! Great color choice for the pattern!!!
Sock knitting is still my goal…and I admire you for mastering it! :thumbsup:

Oooh, these are beautiful! Love the pattern and color!

Those are quite lovely. :slight_smile: Did you use picot edging on the cuff or ribbing?

I used a 1:1 ribbing. To make sure it wasn’t too tight I made sure to have looonngggg stitches while casting off.

Great socks. Love the color. :thumbsup:

they look great, good job!

:happydance: Great job!

They look perfect! Great job!


Good grief! Those are beautiful. I’m blown away b/c I can’t seem to finish the simple pair I’ve begun.