Leave sts on a length of yarn?

I don;t understand what the instructions are telling me to do with the
[B]leave sts on a length of yarn.[/B]

K2. Inc 1 st in next st. Rep from * around. 24 sts.
Knit 8 rnds even. Break A. With MC, knit in rnds for 5 ins
[12.5 cm].
* Leave sts on a length of yarn.

Someone [I]Pleasee [/I]help

If you tell us what you’re making and give us a link it’ll help.

Usually you put the stitches on a length of yarn to hold and work later. That’s common with sleeves in a top down sweater for instance. Just take a length of smooth, light colored, preferably lighter weight yarn longer than the amount of stitches and put it on a yarn needle. Thread it through the stitches and then off the needle to wait till you’re ready. I loosely knot the ends so I don’t worry that they will slip off.

I am knitting theKerrera Hoodie at the moment. As I was knitting the “body” all in one piece (the Fronts and Back are knit in one giant piece)…at one point, you have to divide the Fronts from the Back for the upper body. At that point, the directions tell you to “put the underarm stitches on hold/on waste yarn”. Later on, they will be joined to the sleeve underarm stitches by the 3 needle bind off method. Here are the underarm stitches, on hold on waste yarn. Your pattern called it ‘a length of yarn’. Same thing as ‘waste yarn’.

That same pattern asked me to also place the shoulder stitches ‘on hold on waste yarn’…reserving them for the time when they will be joined together using the 3-needle bind off. Here is one of the shoulders on waste yarn. The purpose is to leave the stitches “live” “unworked”. Later on, I will jam my knitting needle into the stitches again, and yank out the yellow waste yarn:

Just so you can get an idea of what a sweater cardigan looks like that is ‘knit all in one giant piece’…here it is on the blocking table:

That “side seam” isn’t really a seam. It’s a rev st st (purl) that makes it look like a seam!

Nice sweater ArtLady! I really need to make me something in tweed, but I’m about 3 sweaters behind.

I’m irresistibly drawn to tweed!

Jan found some really nice tweed for her new sweater! That Tatamy Tweed! [I]I think[/I] it’s washable! And it would be so nice to make a tweed sweater for the grands! So grownup looking! Interesting. We don’t see children’s sweaters in tweed very often, do we?