Leather bottoms for felted clogs

I made my DD a pair of felted clogs for her B-day, I wnat to put a leather sole on them. I know that Fiber Trends makes some that come up over the edge of the slipper a bit, but my LYS told me that some have complained that they make a wrinkle in the middle of the sole once they are sewn on. I don’t know what other options are out there. I want the entire bottom of the clog covered so she cam wear them in her drive way, on the porch etc. I’ve had good results for indoor use by painting several coats of the white coating that goes on the back of latch hook rugs. I was thinking that if I did that first, then sewed the leather sole on, it might not pucker. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks for the input.

My sewing background tells me there is a wrinkle because the 2 pieces aren’t the same size; the clog would be bigger then the leather sole, that’s why it wrinkled when the 2 were sewn together. Seems the wrinkle is more a result of not sewing them together in such a way as to keep the clog bottom smooth and flat when attaching the sole.

I saw some sole the other day at Jo Ann’s fabric in the knitting notions. I’m not sure if they were leather or not, you may want to check there.

You could buy some leather from Joanns and make your own. This shows half soles, but you could do the whole sole as well.


One question comes to mind. Even if the sole and bottom of the slipper are the same size when they were sewn together won’t the knitted slipper stretch when worn? Would it work to use contact cement to affix the slipper and sole together before sewing?

I appreciate the answers, but now I’m confused. (wouldn’t be the first time…probably won’t be the last.) I’m not much of a seamstress, are you saying I should buy the soles a size smaller than what I need? I wanted soles that cover the whole bottom and that have pre punched holes to make sewing them on easier. It would seem to me they would pucker because they are bigger than the bottom of the slipper is. Has anyone put complete leather soles on the bottom of clogs?