Or should I say, Learning the hard way! OK, so a while back I started on the Chloe cardigan that I was so afraid to start. After a few rows, I realized the Knitpicks metal needles are way too slick for the cotton yarn and I was really struggling just with holding onto it. So I laid it aside for a while. I didn’t have the same size needles in Knitpicks Harmony, and ordered a set in the size I thought I needed. While waiting for them to arrive, I decided to start on this baby blanket (no babies here!), just because I like the pattern and wanted practical experience with cables, before going back to the Chloe cardigan.

Oh boy, what a learning experience this blanket has been! Just the other night, after roughly 10 inches completed, I realized I was one stitch short for the pattern repeat. Finally found the reason, a dropped stitch! No idea how that happened! I was able to retrieve it but not able to properly fix it without ripping out a bit as the dropped stitch was within a cable. OK, got that done and the dropped stitch fixed. I was pretty proud of myself for that accomplishment! Then last night, I just happened to see another dropped stitch! And I was NOT short a stitch in the pattern repeat! Oh boy. OK, I picked it up and worked it onto an existing stitch. I have no clue if that was the right thing to do but I can’t see the problem area now! I really like the cables and the look of the blanket but sure hope the rest of it goes better!

Oh yeah, now that I’ve received the #7 Harmony needles and did another gauge swatch with them, I find I need to use #8 needles for the Chloe cardigan! At least I already have them! After my “adventures” with this blanket though, I’m more scared of Chloe than ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…it won’t let me add the picture of the blanket even though I resized it! Here’s a link to the blanket pattern in the meantime: cable baby blanket

Yep, you don’t have to rip out for a dropped st. If it’s just a couple rows back, pick it up and put it back on the needle. If it’s further back than that, you can drop the sts around it too, then you’ve got enough yarn to make it all the way up to the needle. However, if it’s several inches back… just bring it up to where it starts to get tight, pull the loop to the WS, put a short piece of yarn through it and weave in the ends. Then do an inc in its place if you need to have a specific number of sts like for cables.

Interesting that you found metal needles too slick for cotton yarn; most people find the sts won’t slide on anything except metal.

I would have never thought of that solution to a dropped stitch. Thanks for that, Sue!

The “too slick on metal needles” cotton yarn is by Cascade Yarns, Ultra Pima, very soft and on the fine side, a light worsted perhaps? But yes, it was way too slick on the metal needles. In working my umpteenth gauge swatch, it seems much easier to work on the Harmony needles. Good thing we have options and can each find what works for us!

Hahaha, awesome! I’m working on the SAME PATTERN right now. I’m about 20 inches in.

I think it’s the website and not you, because it won’t let me add a picture either. I’ve got pictures on my Ravelry Project Page, though.

There’s nothing wrong with increasing or decreasing a stitch if the count is wrong. As long as it looks alright. This is a cheat that I use all the time to prevent having to rip back.

Knitting since 1970…still learning the hard way! [B] It is the path of the knitter![/B] Trial and error.
But take heart…if you never try something new, you’ll stagnate!

So very true – learning by trial and error! Too bad that sometimes seems to be my main method of learning! What I hate most about trial and error is the time it takes! My knitting time is limited and trial and error seems to take up huge chunks of time!

And that sweater(ZOE, not Chloe!) is proving to be a major trial and error project! I’ve already ripped out and started over three times! Hours and hours in it and very little progress to be seen. But I’m still optimistic and keep plugging away at it. My biggest discovery with it is that I can NOT concentrate on it and try to watch TV at the same time! :roflhard:

I’ve found that watching tv and knitting at the same time is a learned skill lol. And I can only do that when I’m doing something like st st. When there’s rows with a bunch of different stitches, there is no way that I can concentrate on ANYTHING but my knitting, otherwise I’ll just lose my place.