Learning to read Lace Charts

Hey guys. There are a few shawl thingies I’ve had my eyes on, but I am having trouble learning to read lace charts.

Does anyone have any good websites for chart virgins like me to learn? It’s seriously putting a cramp in my knitting… so many pretty projects, too airheaded to do them.


I don’t know of a website, but it’s really not that difficult.

Right side rows are read right to left, wrong from left to right (or just purled across if not shown at all.)

Each box represents one stitch of the finished row. For example, a yo is just the yo, a k3tog is represented by one box because that’s what happens when you k3tog, any stich combo that results in more than one stitch covers the number of boxes of the result of that. The key with the pattern tells you what to do for each symbol.

Anything else? Oh yeah! If there is an area that says ‘no stitch’, then just do whatever is in the next stitch box.

Thanks Ingrid. It just seems so overwhelming when I sit down to look at it.

I’ll have to find some time in a quiet room (hahahahahahaHA) and just swatch something to give it a try.

Another thing to do to help keep track is to use a post it note over the row you’re working on. It keeps you on the same row, and as you progress, you see the row before the one you’re working on and know that your in the right place. For example, if there was a yo in the row before, and you should be knitting into that yo and you’re not, you know you make a mistake before you get much farther.