Learning to knit

i am trying to teach myself to knit but i have noticed that after doing a long tail cast on and the first row that the last stitch is not right, i took a photo to show
can anyone help please?

It looks fine. Just keep going and give yourself a chance. :thumbsup:

The reason the last stitch is looser than the rest is because it is only attached on one side to another stitch. When you knit the first stitch, hold your yarn tightly as you work the first couple and it will help keep it tight. This is one of the most commonly asked questions–that first loose stitch.

thankyou for the help

The last stitch is usually loose, especially on the first row. Do a couple more and you’ll see that evens out with more sts around it. I do it a little different than Ingrid - I knit the first st, then pull the yarn and knit the next couple a little bit tighter. My edges come out neat and even.