Learning to knit

Hey all!
My name is Mars and I have just recently started to learn to knit. I am still perfecting my cast on and well, have not gotten any farther… Any tips? any learned advice? I am wanting to make my daughter a scarf b/c this seems to be the one that everyone says to start with… So, I am excitied to be part of your forum and wanted to say “Hey!”

Thanks :happydance: boogie down!

Welcome! :waving:

My advice for you is to watch the Basic Techniques videos and don’t be afraid to try something new. Try knitting your cast on stitches, watch the videos again, and if you’re confused, come back here and ask questions. And then stick around for the fun!

The videos are AWESOME…Amy was actually HUGGING A TRIPOD whilst knitting so she could get the closest-up shots possible!

Oh so that’s how she did it! Amazing!

Yes, the videos are indispensible for learners! I’d also suggest looking for a class in your area. I’m taking one right now myself. Many parks and recreation deptartments have them, plus the are always at Michaels and Joannes. More expensive ones can be taken at the yarn shops.