Learning to Crochet

[color=indigo]I have found a Learn to Crochet tutorial on the web and want to give it a go. It does not suggest any particular yarn or hook to learn with. :shrug: Can anyone suggest a good yarn for learning and an appropriate sized hook?



I would suggestthe same as I would for someone learning to knit- worsted weight and probably a size H hook.
I learned on Red Heart ( it was the 80’s and I learned from Grammy :oops: ).
I would suggest a non-splitty yarn.

[color=indigo]Thanks for the direction. :hug: I must have some worsted wt yarn in the stash bag, and I can buy a size H hook.

I have seen crochet hooks that have large handles - almost the size of that of a screwdriver. These look to me to be comfortable and not so likely to result in finger cramps. What think you? Do you have a link where these are available?

Interestingly, when I have taught others to knit, I start them out on a chunky-bulky wool or blend with a good twist and largish round needles, say US 10.5 or 11s (depending on their finger size and dexterity from other activities).


i’m not sure what tutorial u’re using, but these crochet videos really helped me

:hug: good luck

I used a J hook to learn and some worsted weight yarn. I think it’s a good size to learn on. It’s larger than an H and and I. I tend to use it a lot too (I have three Js)

OMG! I wish I had those tutorial videos 10 years ago when I was learning to crochet. I am going to bookmark them though, because there are few advanced stitches that I could never do and now I can learn. :cheering:
Thanks for posting that. :muah:

[color=indigo]Those are excellent videos - similar to those of Amy here. Thanks for that link.


Interestingly enough, the name of the lady who did those videos is Amie!