Learning how to search more effectively

I’d like to find a cardigan or bolero pattern, in a girls’ size 2, using a DK weight (Paton’s Brilliant) which I picked up on clearance. When I search I seem to go around in circles, can’t specify yarn weight, project, and size category all in one search. Any help on this would be useful to me and others on a long term basis, i think.

Do you mean a general web search (ie google, yahoo, etc)? Where are you attempting to find the info?

Lionbrand.com has the ability to narrow your search by yarn wt, who will wear the item (adults, children, etc), your skill level, and so on. If you belong to Rav you can zero in on specific projects for the info you listed. Also check garnstudio.com. You can enter wearer, name of item (ie sweater) and the gauge of the yarn. But for the most part there aren’t a lot of sites that allow you to enter that many different parameters.

I’ve been on yahoo search, not google, um knitting pattern central, any other knitting sites I could think of. I just noticed the experts on here seem to have just the exact thing for any pattern question that comes up, and I admire that.

Cam, thanks for those spots to look at. That’s very helpful.

Lion Brand has way to do that, but of course you only get their patterns. You can also do that on Ravelry.

This pattern is really cute and probably easy because it’s top down.

You can buy them online at various places. Here’s one place that I’ve bought from before. They had great service.

the experts on here seem to have just the exact thing for any pattern question that comes up

Not sure about the ‘expert’ thing but sometimes it boils down to some having familiarity with what’s avail online. Many of us have bookmarked lots of knitting-related sites so have an idea where certain things can be found. But those sites are usually knitting/pattern-specific. Unlike Google, Yahoo, et al which may get you to a site but not zero in on the specifics of what you’re looking for. Even some of the better sites, like Rav, still have groups/places for those looking for patterns (Rav has ‘Pattern Detective’). Someone just having happened across a patt someone else is looking for…and recalling where it was.