Learning Entrelac

I am learning Entrelac using the tutorial by Eunny Jang what was on KnittingDaily last week I am stuck on the part right below the picture of Figure 3. I don’t exactly know how to head back the other way from where I am at. I included a picture the yarn is on the left hand side and I am guessing it needs to be going back towards the right side & that is where I am stuck at. if anyone can help me please email me at I would greatly appreciate it

Hi, I removed your e-mail addy from you post…just in case a spam bot would catch it :thumbsup:

Can you give us the next line in the pattern or the link to the pattern?

If you want to see the actual pattern here is the link you will have to dl the pattern http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/patterns/archive/2009/01/29/entrelac-beyond-the-basics.aspx?download=true

Top triangles (RS facing to begin)
*With RS facing, pick up and knit 7 sts along the selvedge now
between the needles, picking up sts from tip to base of the blocks
from the previous tier. Note: As before, the st remaining on the
needle from the previous triangle counts as your first picked-up
st, so you need to pick up and knit only 7 sts to have 8 sts for
Figure 2 working each top triangle. Turn work so WS is facing.

I think you would pick up stitches just below where your yarn is, down the right edge of the block. As the last sentence you posted says, turn so the WS is facing you, then pick up the sts purlwise. Then you would turn and probably be doing an inc at the edge knit across and ssk to join the new sts with the previous ones.