Learning to knit on owm
1.Beanie kid size pattern. Free pattern by pride parade. I made my own gauge with 4ply
So calculate my own cast on.
2. Magic loop technique
3. Learning to change colour.
4. Carry yarn up, of diff colour
5. Jogless jog helix and bulls eye. I liked bulls eye.

Am improving. Still long way to go. So much fun and helps in focus too.



Beautiful knitting and lovely color choice. Wow, you are certainly learning a thing or two or more with each project. Well done!

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Thank you. Just making do with whatever yarn available at home since I am practicing not giving much thought to colours.

Thank you for encouraging. I am enjoying knitting. It is a safe hobby in this corona times. :slight_smile:

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Your work is beautiful. The colors are so cheerful. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks dear

Your work looks fantastic and your stitches are so neat, beautiful.

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Thank you