Learned something today

Destashing is GOOD. and i need to spend more time knitting…

Had i spent more time knitting and working from my stash i would have found the cd wallet (with all of my games and system disks in it) along with my jump drive MUCH SOONER than today (for whatever reason, both the cd wallet and jump drive were in my yarn bin i have tucked behind dh’s chair and out of sight in the livingroom)…:teehee:


That is really funny! Amazing what ends up in strange places. Destashing is always fun too because then you have room to go buy more yarn and not feel too guilty about it.

actually, it’s making room for the stuff my adoptive mom is sending me… needles, hooks, and YARN

That must have driven you nuts when you couldn’t find them. :teehee:

I just found a flash drive in my knitting bag too! And it has all my grad school essays on it, man was I stressed for a few days.

Well at least they weren’t in the freezer :rofl:

nope mason…

I have however, found the garage door remote in the freezer once (around this house, i simply don’t ask LOL!)

That made me smile! And perhaps it is time for me to clean up my own stash!