Learned Magic Loop and matching increases!

Magic Loop – piece of cake. Can’t say that I find it any more or less fiddly than DPNs, but it’s nice not needing the extra bits. Increases – took me a while to remember which way the bar goes on the needle – had to sit with the laptop in front of me and play the vid for each increase to remind me for quite a few rows, but I finally got it.

I try to learn at least one new thing with each project, sometimes two or three new things, and don’t think I’d manage it very easily without KH!

Have to say a humongous [B][I]THANKS[/I][/B] to Amy and Sheldon! In the absence of an experienced knitter anywhere close by, your vids and forum have been a lifesaver and really helpful!

That’s awesome. :thumbsup: Learning a new knitting skill is such a great feeling!

:rofl: Ok your avatar made me laugh out loud!

That is great, I really like Magic Loop too :yay:

I love Bucky Katt, mainly because I always think my cat Magpie is channelling Bucky, or perhaps Bucky is channelling Maggie. :slight_smile:

Learning knitting is [I]so[/I] cool! I’ve wanted to be able to knit since I was five, but could never seem to get the hang of it, so it’s actually fulfilling a lifelong dream for me to actually be knitting! I feel so lucky to be able to say that. :slight_smile: I’ve made things for myself and for other people all my life, but always felt so weirded out that I couldn’t seem to get knitting to stick in my brain in any significant way. I’ve no idea why it stuck now, but I’m glad it did.

Lucky you to learn! I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. Happy knitting!

I love magic loop too… so glad I saw the video on it before I had to use it… when the time came, I knew just what to do…:woot: I haven’t learned the way of the bar when one is increasing so I’ll have to get onto that.
Love this site!:inlove:

I actually now look at patterns a bit differently – “hey, I don’t need those DPNs, I can just use a circular needle!”

I love the magic loop method. A newbie to knitting. Just the past 2 years. But I really don’t own any other kind of needle but 40 and 60 inch circulars. They are so versatile, you can knit flat, circular or in the round. I have made scarves, hats, socks, mittens, even baby sweaters. Only wish there were more patterns written for the magic loop. I have to recreate some instructions. Keeps the mind sharp.

Well, in my case, maybe “sharpER” is the right word, because I’m proving that “sharp” certainly isn’t right! I don’t think I’ve ever started over again quite so many times before… :slight_smile:

Love-Love-Love magic loop - especially for socks! ButI’ve knit pumpkins, hats, and seamless heart using it also. I’ll never again use DPNs. Once you’ve done a couple of projects in ML - you’ll see that it’s not fiddley at all. I also LOVE being able to try on my socks while knitting them!

I am one of the strange people who enjoy working with DPN’s, I can’t seem to get Magic Loop

Ginny, you’re such a good knitter,you’d be able to get magic loop with the videos.

I don’t dpn’s at all anymore,either. As stated above, too fiddly.

Magic loop is easy for me if I just forget about the piece I’m not working on.

I find DPNs to be strangely satisfying in a way that Magic Loop isn’t, although I also think Magic Loop is easier in the case of not having to have too many bits hanging around. Whatever works – the important bit is how the project turns out, isn’t it! :slight_smile: