Learned a new Technique...can I use it?

Hi everyone…I ran into a very nice lady at the craft store today( I was ranting cause they didn’t have any 16" circs) anyway she showed me how to knit in the round using any size circ…It was really cool, she casted on (long tail) with both needles, then just knit and pulled the needle out and knit the other end…Kinda like ML…anyway I haven’t tried it myself, but the question is: when I am just about done and my circs are not small enough to go around the rest of the project to finish, could I use this method instead of switching to DPN’S…Thanks all


Sure you can. Did she only loop one side of the needle? That’s something I discovered years ago - I call it halfaloop and use it to knit hats or sleeves with 24" needles. You don’t need to use as long a needle as you do for ML.

She knit a few sts, pulled out the needle, then knit more…What is the trick to that? How did it get to be round? From the “cast on” or is it the actual cable on the needle that makes round? Also, I do remember her referring to that method as Bunny Loop…I still need to try it…Thanks all

It also sounds a little bit like a technique often reffered to as ‘2-Circs’ or knitting inthe round on two circular needles. It is used for knitting small diameter things in the round when you don’t have a small enough circular needle or don’t want to use DPNs there is a video of it on this page. You creat a round by joining in the usual way. Consider it has the brim of a hat, it is round when opened out but if you fold it flat, you have to flat bits of knitting next to each other, which are joined at each end. In this technique (and in Magic Loop) you knit one flat side and then then other. the loop of ML and the extra length of 2circs gives you the flexibility you need to knit two flat pieces that are joined right next to each other.

The “lady” only used one circ!!! Not two…that’s what kinda threw me a little…Thanks

Could anyone please be a bit more specific about this technique? I can’t even begin to imagine what to do.

I’m with you, jheatherly … I would like a step by step “replay” ! It would be great not to have to “change” to anything when finishing a hat !

Check out my original question…then, look at my replies…A very nice lady showed me how to knit in the round using ONE CIRCULAR NEEDLE… NOT TWO CIRCS… she casted x amt of sts onto (holding the two needles together I think kinda like a figure 8 cast on) using long tail cast on…slipped out one needle, knit on the other then slipped that needle out and began to knit on the other…I guess if you watch the video on Knitting on 2 circs (using TWO CIRCULAR NEEDLES) YOU’D :eyebrow: GET THE IDEA:hug:

If you join the sts instead of leaving it as a flat piece it becomes a tube. Look at the video for Magic Loop. It would be something like that, only you just have 1 loop instead of 2.