Learn to Knit Continental KAL?

i’m determined to try continental knitting this summer. any1 want to join me? my “first” project will be this dishcloth.

Oh boy…this really, really is tempting. Hmmm…will have to think on this one!!!

Already a continental knitter, and I’ve knit bunches of those exact dishcloths. I wish you the best of luck as you try this out! I :heart::heart::heart: those hand-knit dishcloths.

Since I started knitting continental, my stitches are significantly more even, but I really should have stuck with English longer to get it looking better. I wish I could do both equally well so I could do two-handed Fair Isle.

Good Luck!!!

wouldn’t you know it, that i was just telling someone that i need dishcloths. AND i 've always wanted to knit continental! so what better way to make dishcloths a little more interesting!

you’d think that since i’m an avid crocheter, it’d be easier for me to do, but it’s not…just a new way of holding everything! it does look like it’s a much faster way of knitting…

i’m in!

figuring out how to hold the yarn was the trickiest part, i ended up holding it like i do when i crochet. i think i’ve alreadey got the knit stitch down ok, and my tension isn’t bad at all! going reallly slow for now. once i pick up the speed a bit, i’ll try purling!

yes! i’ve got one recruit!:cheering::happydancing:

you know you want to…:teehee:

I have wanted to learn continental since day one… I am knitting a really fugly scarf that tension mistakes won’t show (and give me an excuse to work on it:pout:), so since reading this I have watched the cont. videos (several times), and have started doing the scarf project that way, to get comfortable.

I have some left over sugar & cream and think I would like to try this as well.

Also a crocheter, I think I will adapt to this faster than I adapted to holding the yarn in my right hand – that was tough. Just gotta quit trying to use my left pointer finger to hold the needle… my finger is hurting, from using and holding muscles in a way I haven’t in a while… anyone else, or is it just me??:oo:

Ummm, If I can help any of you out, let me know, and there are dozens of great Continental knitters here, and I’m sure that they would be glad to help you, should you need it!

Sturday I took a class…Seems I to hald English, half Coninental… how screwy is that pretty screwy :roflhard: :eyes: there’s a neat video on YouTube:psst: too!!! :out:

:wall: i can’t spell either it seems :shrug:

thanx! as a matter of fact, i tried purling just for the heck of it, and had and awful time.:wall:

I want to play. I am starting on dishcloths for Christmas anyway. Is it true that if I learn to do this I can use two colors?

you can use two colors with both english and continental.

Well then I think I will try it anyway. Always good to know something different right? Is there any advantage though since I will probably need a carrot to get me going?

May I join you? I’ve been wanting to learn continental and this is a great idea! Never having made a dishcloth…what type of yarn do you all recommend? I’ll try to pick some up tomorrow so I can join right in! Thanks. Chris

Continental is generally much faster (my main reason for learning), and if you watch the stranding video in the Advanced Techniques page, you’ll see that when amy switches between colors every stitch, she knits one color english and the other continental, that way she doesnt have to drop either yarn, and she can hold one in each hand.

I’m sure there are more advantages, but you’d have to ask this sites knitting experts about that.

By any means, please join us! Cotton is used for dishcloths. Sugar and Cream, and Peaches and Cream seem the be the most popular (or perhaps the most available) kind.

Yippee! :happydancing: I’ll pick up some yarn tomorrow (got tied up today-work and all) and will plan on casting on tomorrow night…I’ve played with contintental a little but was putting off really learning as I’m in the middle of a sweater and want to finish it in English so I don’t mess up tension…

I seem to do okay with knitting in continental, but the purling hasn’t gone so well. And I am having the darndest time figuring out the best way to hold the yarn… I love the ease of switching between knit and purl though…it all goes MUCH faster :thumbsup:



see, stirsmommy, i told you there were more advantages:cheering:

I know we have some videos here on continental knitting, but there is also one I found on youtube that I found helpful to watch…thought I would share it. Really emphasizes the knit/purl switch…

I tried conti knitting once… my finger hurt from holding it so stiffly and I got cramps in my hand from trying to hold the needle without my index finger. I might give it another go… I always get confused on which way to yarn wraps and have to switch back to make sure I’m going the right direction. I need a rhym like the “righty tighty, lefty loosey” thing.