‘Learn to knit’books for kids

A child of my acquaintance wishes to learn to knit. She does not live near me, and no one in her family knits. I believe she is also going to a knitting camp this summer (they didn’t have these when I was growing up!). Can anyone recommend a good book to help a child to learn knitting. We are in the United States.

I found this one, but not sure it’s the best.

Melanie Fallick should be good. What about online videos. There are some on KH under FreeVideos and there are several other reliable ones from Staci Perry, Liat Gat, and Roxanne Roberts among others.

I would recommend a DVD called “The Art of Knitting 4 Kids”. It has 3 different ways to learn to knit. One is a little boy teaching, and the other 2 are using stories. I really like how these are presented!! I got my copy from our local library.