Learn To Knit Afghan KAL starting

For those who are beginner knitters and would like to join a Knit-a-Long, a Learn to Knit Afghan KAL is starting in a few weeks at Yahoo!Groups.:woot:

We will begin with Square #1 and take each Square in order.

If you can cast on, knit and purl, you are most welcome to join us.

You may read more about the group and sign up here:
LearnTo Knit Afghan KAL 2008

Hope to see you there!
teresa_anawim :knitting:

I’m in!

Hey, is there any chance that someone can post the square with instructions here? I’m asking because I have enough trouble keeping up with usernames and passwords and I always forget the one I used ages ago (okay, last year some time) with yahoo. That, and as I don’t go to this thread much, I might forget to do it!


Being a musician, I am aware of copywrite laws, etc., so would not want to constantly copy from the book.

You can go over to yahoo mail and open another free account just for the group with a memorable user name, or a similar one using numbers at the end like boo2008@…
It takes about 3 minutes.
The threads will go to your yahoo email either as they are posted, or in a daily digest summary. And…if you download the free yahoo messenger, you can get email alerts whenever a message comes into your box.
(Can ya tell I’m a yahoo junkie?!)
Hope to see you there,boo1.

Actually, I don’t think you would need to open another account. Just subscribe to this thread.

Hi suzeeq !
You know, after I read your post I went back to the main KAL board and read about the different groups.
I was under the understanding that we could list upcoming KAL’s here and not just start a KAL on the site here.
Sorry if I went against policy at all.
I got a "miss you’ email reminder from the board and decided to visit with this thread.
Please delete if not suitable for this board.

and I joined the group. Or at least I think I did. I just tried to post a question there (I think yahoo groups has a weird interface) and I got the “need to be approved by the moderators” message.

I may just bow out of this. I’m not trying to join a sorority!