Learn to crochet

I’m finishing a baby blanket that I have knitted and I am now crocheting the edge. I know the basic crochet stitches but I’d like to learn more. Does anyone know of a good newbie friendly book? I love knitting and I’ve been doing it for years but I’d like to try something new. Thanks for your help. :muah:

You can also ask here or over at Crochetville. There are a lot of videos :slight_smile:

Thanks Becky, look for some vids and I’ll try crochetville. I’m still going to try and track down a book or magazine. :muah:

I’m not much of a crocheter so I can’t help with first hand knowledge but this book has lots of positive reviews.

The public library may also be a good place to start. You can sample several books and see which ones appeal.