Leanred how to make socks!

YEAH! Another addiction! I finally learned how to make socks. These were done on a size 2-12" addi circulars and dp’s. I cannot believe how easy there were to do and wish I had tried a long time ago! This is my second pair. The first pair is in the wash!
The yarn used here is Catania Color by Schachenmayer and is 100% cotton. I love how they feel!

(can’t figure out how to change the thread title! But I learned how to make socks., but still can’t spell! hee hee

Great Job!!! Doesn’t it feel great to conquer socks!!

Yay great job socks are so fun!cloud9

nice job! Pretty colors too!

They look great!

Great job, and the colors are wonderful.

Is there a third pair in the works?

Great job, socks are fun.

Festive socks, super job. :thumbsup: Isn’t it wonderful when something we thought would be more complex turns out to be simpler to do.

very pretty! congratulations!

:happydance: They look Great!! Welcome to the sock addiction club…

To edit your title…just click the edit button the bottom of your post and then go advanced…it should let you change it there…:thumbsup:

Great looking socks! :thumbsup:

Your socks are wonderful! Will you tell me about your experience using the 12" circs? I tried with 40 cast on stitches and just couldn’t make it work, it was so tight! However, I also was using a size 8, 12-inch-circ, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

I love making socks! It feels good to conquer them!

I do have another pair in the works! This is such an addiction! And I don’t know if I can share the pattern since it is typed up on 4 pages from a yarn shop. Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes ya know! But here is the basic idea. I knit in 2x2 rib for 6" on my sock since I like them to stay up!


Don’t you love socks now? Better cast on another pair! Love the colours.

They look great. I made one sock but it was too big around the ankle, so I put the yarn aside. How did you make sure the cuff was snug?

I love the colors! Great job!

:yay: Great looking socks! Nice color too. Not to worry about your spelling on here. I don’t think anyone really notices. I’m not to hot at it either :aww:

The 2x2 ribbing makes the cuff tight. When I finish the ones I am working on I want to try a k3 p1 rib to see how it does!

Whoo-hoo! Nice socks! I’d put my feet up and just admire… :teehee: