Leafy Berry Baby Hat

Here is my latest berry baby hat (from this pattern: http://randomstitches.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/hello-world/)
I haven’t figured out exactly how the designer made her leaves fold on top a bit in such a neat way, but I still like mine. I added one leaf of Nicky Epstein’s leaf fringe (from her Knitting on the Edge book) to the end of the i-cord. Both sides of the leaf are knit separately and sewn together. The hat and the leaf are quite simple to do.

that is just divine! I’ve just finished a project and I’m gunne make one!!

That’s a very cute hat.

Maybe she sewed them on curled up a little bit. Your hat is certainly wonderful enough just as is.

That’s so cute!

That hat is so cute and what a great model!

OMGoodness! That is just too cute!

Very cute.

That looks great! I didn’t think to add a leaf to the stem when I made mine. :slight_smile:

:heart: very cute!

Thanks everyone!
Actually, Abbily, I’m giving you credit right now for giving me the idea to use leaf for the end (I’d made the leaves before) because you put a leaf on the side of the “stem” of yours, so thanks for that.

Soooo Cute . Love the colour:)


How sweet! Oh, to have a baby again!

Aww, you’re welcome! :slight_smile: You did a great job!