Leaf Yoke Cardigan by Celeste Pinheiro


I am confused on directions for sleeve. The directions says (rs)k2,work in body lace to last st,end k2. Then it says to cont in body lace as est increasing 1 stitch each edge. Does this mean i will have three knit stitches at each edge once I increase. Or does that mean when I increase , I will have another stitch going towards body lace !Should I use kf&b since increasing on edge? Also, would the k2 be p2 on ws row or stay knit. Free pattern on Ravelry. Please help me think thru.


Yes, each time you increase you’ll add another stitch in stockinette (knit on the front, purl on the back) at each edge. You can incorporate these sts into the lace pattern once you have enough to do so or you can leave them in stockinette. It looks like knitters have done both as best as I can tell from the project photos.
It’s often nice to increase one stitch in from the edge for a smoother edge. You can use a M1 or your favorite increase. Here’s a kfb without the purl bump.