Leaf Pattern Dishcloth

This was a washcloth that when I first saw the pattern I fell in love with it. I just knew I would knit it one day. I tried it last year and messed up on a row that did me in. I ripped it out and was done with it for a while.

Well, I cast on a while ago and of course messed up a row so I put it down again. Kept trying to pick it up and figure our which row I needed to start on and today I finished it! :cheering:

And I knit this one for myself. I have knit a lot for other people but no nice ones for me. So I knit this and love it!

That is a very pretty pattern!

Pretty one! I’m making a 4-corner dishcloth right now.

Love the dishcloth!

I have that pattern on my to do during the olympics list.

Pretty pattern. well done for persevering.

It’s beautiful!!! Congrats on doing something for yourself!

Oh my! That is a great pattern! I bet you had FUN knitting it! Not boring by any means!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Great dishcloth. I am glad htat you will use it yourself and know the work that went into it. It’s very nice work and I am gla dyou finished it.

do you have a pattern link? It’s so pretty.:heart:

What a pretty pattern!!!

I’ve made that one before… love the pattern, nice work on it… :knitting:

That’s such a pretty pattern. You did fantastic! :slight_smile:

:happydance: very pretty!

ooooooooo lala, purty!