Leaf Lace Scarf

I took a picture of it while it’s blocking, which is why it looks stretched out like that. I had to do half and half (not enough foam blocks) and it looks better once done blocking. It is This Pattern (only through Ravelry as far as I can see), and I made it with Alpaca Cloud from KnitPicks, in the Stream colorway. No, that’s not the one my cat destroyed LOL

Very Nice! Amazing what blocking does!

That looks beautiful.

Very very nice. >^,^<

That is really pretty!

Beautiful scarf!

It’s soo pretty! :heart:

Very pretty!

I made this scarf during the summer. The pattern can also be found [B]here[/B], for those of you not on Ravelry.

Gorgeous!! Congrats on a beautiful lace project!

:inlove: very pretty!

Beautiful scarf!!

Does your cat eat knitting too? We have an outdoor cat who has destroyed 3 sweaters (only one hand made). She eats holes in sweaters that I have left in the car with the windows down, and one in the house when we let her in to recover from a surgery.

Beautiful work:yay: