Leaf Lace scarf

I finally (I say finally because it was one of the projects OTN during my experimentation of knitting several projects at once, I gladly go back to monogamous knitting!) finished the leaf lace scarf from (I think) the 2005 spring issue of VK. I knit mine using 2 balls of SWTC bamboo yarn in the parrot colorway and size 5 addis and options needles. I modified the pattern a bit using Annie Modesitt’s slip st. edging, thus eliminating the rolling and I knit several leaves separtately and sewed them on the ends.

Oh my gosh Becka, that’s just gorgeous! The pattern and the yarn compliment each other so well – they are stunning together! :inlove:

Verrrrrrrrry purrrrrrrrrty!


JUST BEAUTIFUL! Perfect yarn choice as Amber said! :heart:

Where can I find the info for the slip stitch edging?

Becka, that is stunning! :muah:

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

What’s really remarkable is your stitchwork; I can see the pattern more than I can the colorway of the yarn! Stunning, Becka! :heart:

so beautiful!

Thanks so much, you guys! You sure make a girl feel good :teehee:

The slip st. edging is very easy and it works like a dream, leave it to Annie Modesitt! This is available in a free pattern, Alison’s scarf on Annie’s blog and I asked her if she minded if I used it in a scarf I am designing now and she said, of course, they aren’t her sts! LOL, she’s funny!

This requires and additional 3 sts on each side
Right side rows: k1, sl1 wyif (slip one with yarn in front), k1 one each edge
Wrong side rows: sl1 wyif, k1, sl1 wyif on each edge

So beautiful!!! Love the colours!! :inlove: :inlove:

Very pretty, really nice color!

Sooo pretty! The colorway works perfectly with that pattern…great job! Now, when are you gonna send it to me?? :eyebrow:

Absolutely gorgeous, Rebecca! :heart: :heart:

I love it!

Beautiful job! Love those colors! :cheering:

That is gorgeous! I love the color.


:heart: :heart: :heart: I love it! Pretty pattern perfect yarn choice, and the leaves at the ends give it your special touch.

That’s just amazing!


ohh that is just beautiful!!! such lovely colors I love it! :smiley: :smiley: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Oh my! Thanks so very much you guys! Ya’ll are so very sweet :muah:

Absolutely lovely! It really does lay well too! Great idea on the edging.

Mama Bear