Leaf Lace Scarf

:smiley: OMGoodness, can u believe it, I’ve got 2 projects on the needles!!! Yes, I know… :shock: UNBELIEVABLE :shock: !!! I couldn’t help myself, I had to knit something with the yummilicious Bamboo yarn that Lonnie gave me for our anniversary. So, I put down the socks (2nd sock, not quite done :shock: ) and began knitting the Leaf Lace scarf found in spring/summer 2005 Vogueknitting (it’s the pink one in the middle). This is a very fun knit, I’ve altered the pattern a bit by using Annie Modesitt’s double knit edge stitch (used in Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style & Alison’s Scarf (pdf file)) which keeps the scarf from curling inward…Annie is a genious with such things :wink:
I’m off to knit :smiley:

I think the scarves in the latest issue are so pretty! I ordered some lace yarn from Knit Picks and just got it in the mail the other day. I plan to knit at least one of those scarves. I LOVE knitting lace. :XX:

Looks great so far! I tried to be a monogamous knitter and that just didn’t happen!

I love your outdoor pictures of knitting!

:smiley: Thanks! Celine, which yarn did you get from knitpicks? I’ve used alpace cloud before, it was quite nice. I will admit that I love knitting lace design, but I’m not very good with lace wt yarn :rollseyes:
LOL, I’ve always been monogamous with whatever art/craft that I’ve done, I get all weird with more than one project going @ the same time…it’s bugging me now that I’ve got 2 going…WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?! :rofling: :roflhard: But, AHHHHHHH, this bamboo is just too fun to knit with; I think that I could knit with SWTC yarns forever :thumbsup:

You are shocking me with two projects on the needles!!! I guess you can’t depend on anything anymore in this crazy world :roflhard:
It is beautiful yarn Rebecca and I can see why you wanted to use it. That happens to me too.

:shock: I KNOW :shock: It’s killing me, I can’t do it for long…how do ya’ll survive with so many things going @ one time, I’d be a complete WRECK :roflhard: :rofling: I’m helpless, am I really a knitter?!

Oh, it is such yummmmmmmy yarn, I’m taking my time knitting this scarf bc it’s such fun to knit with this yarn :smiley:

That looks incredible so far! I love :inlove: the colors. [size=2](And they match so nicely with the mulch! :rofling: )[/size] Can’t wait to see it finished!

Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor from the shock… this is the second time in less than 2 weeks that you’ve had 2 projects going… I feel the fabric of the space/time continuum beginning to shred… :roflhard:

Great looking scarf BTW! :thumbsup:

That yarn is gooooooooorgeous!

And HOW do you knit only one thing at a time? HOW? :??


GORGEOUS!! :inlove:


Two projects at the same time? :fingerwag:

I’m shocked, shocked, to discover this! :rofling:

I know what you mean about the siren song of some new yarn though. I got some KP Alpaca Cloud a week or so ago, so I can make Mom a Candle Flame Shawl… I’ve got so many WIPs right now I’m running out of cables for my Boye’s set (maybe it’s a good time to get those rainbow Denise’s). I’m trying to be firm with myself and finish something before I start the shawl, but every time I touch that yarn I just want to start knitting with it!

Well, your newest project looks likes it’s gonna be incredible, enjoy it.

Rebecca, I bought the lace yarn called “Shimmer” from Knit Picks. I got the “Happy Dance” color choice. Has rasberry, pale yelow and orange in it…very pretty and colorful. :happydance:

Somewhere in one of my newer knitting magazines I saw a choice of three beautiful lace scarves. I think I will end up using it on one of them.

Right now I’m knitting a Noro handbag…so when that’s done I’ll start the scarf. I have two projects on needles now and I seem to do well when I have two projects going. More than that and I end up losing interest in one of them. :XX: :XX:

Wow, your scarf looks beautiful. I love the double-knit edging… that’s such a clever idea!

Do you do K1, sl1wyif, k1 on the right side or the wrong side?

Ooh gorgeous! I love all these nice patterns everyone is doing lately :slight_smile:

:smiley: Thanks everyone! Bamboo is just a joy to knit with, the colors in this yarn are just stunning, the color is called “parrot” and it looks exactly like a parrot, I have a parrotlet with the same coloring, it’s just beautiful…I LOVE IT, gotta have more of it, I want all colors…a new addiction :smiley:
LOL, I am stunned that I have 2 wip’s on the needles, I don’t know how ya’ll can do it with so many going…I’d be nuttier than usual :roflhard: :rofling:
Celine, is it the same Vogue knitting from spring/summer 2005?
Kristi, this is Annie Modesitt’s answer to scarves rolling inward & it works like a charm. I 1st discovered it knitting Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style, but since it’s readily available online with the Alison’s Scarf pattern (pdf file) I will share it with you: on every RS row’s 1st and last 3 sts: k1, slip 1 wyif, k1; on every WS row’s 1st & last 3 sts: slip 1 wyif, k1, slip 1 wyif It’s very easy to get into the groove doing this st combo & the edges look wonderful…Annie Modesitt is the KNITTING QUENN :thumbsup:

YUM! That yarn is gorgeous. Is it SWTC bamboo or something else?

Girl, you know it’s SWTC :wink: I LOVE SWTC :thumbsup:

Becka–thanks for sending us to all those great online patterns–love love free patterns!! :heart:

That is just so pretty!!

That is so pretty! I love those colors!