Leaf and Lace baby sweater

I still have to sew up the sleeves, block it and do a single crochet around the edge. But I am so pleased with how this turned out I just had to share. Thanks for looking.

Silly me I forgot to add the picture. Also included a picture of the book I got the pattern from.

That is the sweetest little sweater! I love the color you chose. :cheering:

where did you get your pattern, Its just beautiful! :muah:

hehehehhe I just seen the booklet you got it from lol I must be brain farting lolol Sorry bout that

That is a precious sweater and I, too, LOVE the color you chose! Beautiful work. THANK YOU for sharing it with us. Yet ANOTHER thing to add to my want-to-knit list now. hee hee

Aw, that’s so cute!

It is absolutely lovely!
Really, really special.

It’s gorgeous!

It’s beautiful, so professional looking!

Just: BEAUTIFUL! Very nice work. :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful!!

Oh! It’s adorable! I like the color yarn you used too!:thumbsup:

Very nice. Love the color and the leaves at the neck edge.

What a great colour! Looks wonderful :heart:

That is to cute!! Looks great :thumbsup:

Oh, that’s so pretty! So dainty…


very pretty!

That is just precious! Beautiful, beautiful work.

So sweet!