Le Petit Trianon Pattern

Ok so i started this pattern and im completely stumped. IV finished knitting the bottom part of this baby sweater and one sleeve. Problem is…What now?? How do I attatch it. I have been stumped literally for months :-(. any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the link to the pattern :

It’s hard to read that pattern the way it’s written. So it’s bottom up? You knit the sleeves and then join them with the body?

Yes, it’s written like a bottom up raglan sweater. This isn’t quite like the pattern, but basically this explains what to do - knit the body, put the sts on a holder, knit one sleeve, put it on a holder, knit the other sleeve, put on holder. Starting at one front, knit across to the where 3 sts are for the underarm, knit across the sleeve sts, then knit the back sts to the other 3 sts at the underarm, then the 2nd sleeve and the other front. It’ll look weird for a few rows, but then it starts to look like a sweater.

Suzeeq, you are my hero!!!