LC and RC in Chain of Hearts sock

I took my new Fiber Trends Chain of Hearts sock pattern with me on vacation hoping to entertain myself during endless hours of driving nad I cannot get the LC and RC to work as written. Anyone have any suggestions?
I thought they would be cable stitches when I saw the pattern which I would be fine with, but it has you insert the needle btwn stitches from front and back. I also asked my mother who is a veteran knitter/crocheter and she couldn’t figure out what they wanted me to do.

I’m not sure either…

Do you have a link to the pattern or can you give more instructions? I think that will help in trying to figure out what the pattern means.

The pattern name sounds really neat - I would love to see a picture of what they look like.
Here’s a pic of the socks.

It looks like a 2 stitch cross, which is often worked w/out a cable needle by knitting the 2nd stitch, don’t slip it off, then knit the first, slip them both off. Here’s some picks of it, about half way down the page (called: from the knit side Version A).

I could be wrong - can you type out the cable cross row, we can be more accurate if we see how they are crossing stitches.

so the chain of hearts pattern :
round 1-4 : p2 k1 repeat around
round 5 : p2, LC, RC, repeat around
round 6 : p2 k4 repeat around

The pattern description of LC is : From back of work, insert needle btwn next 2 sts then into the 2nd st as if to knit, knit 2nd st, bring needle to front of work and knit first st, slide both knit sts from needle

I can’t seem to get this to come out looking like anything other than a mess…Mirl 56 your link may be a better explanation of this

You do exactly as the detailed instructions are written. For LC insert your needle into the 2nd st from the back, knit it and leave it on the needle, then knit the 1st st as you do normally. The RC is the same, except you knit the 2nd st from the front. Maybe it would help if you did make it like a cable - put the 1st st on a holder to get it out of the way, knit the 2nd st, then the first. It’s easier to do with some practice; you can try it out on some other yarn on really large needles so the sts are bigger and you can get the tips into the sts.