LB Diagonal Eyelet Baby Blanket

Has anyone here knit this free pattern?? I am trying to get started on the decrease eyelet section, but the instructions as written don’t alternate the eyelets. And when I looked on Ravelry, I didn’t see any “Errata” anywhere. Anyone here have any hints/tips??



Is this the pattern? It’s a beautiful blanket. I would need to be working on it to see what problem there might be. I’ll just do a drive by link for someone else.


It looks like Lace panel A eyelet row 3 and Lace panel B eyelet row 7 will be staggered. Then the repeat is rows 6-9 of panel B. I’m wondering if the decreases (k3tog)in those rows isn’t enough to shift the eyelet pattern? I’d have to try it to be sure.

Pretty blanket!! I hate LB, but I want to get it.

Not sure about your question, but will look around.

ETA: I searched the projects for decreases and came up with this. You’re not the only one. Doesn’t seem to be a clear answer to the problem though. :frowning:

Thanks Jan in CA. So many of the Ravelry users have said, “well I just followed the adjustments from so and so”. But I don’t know who to follow and what they’re talking about.

Too bad, because it’s a really pretty pattern and I’d love to finish it!!

Thanks anyway,

It may be that you’ll have to look at the first row of eyelets in the dec section and start the next eyelet row so that the eyelets shift correctly. It seems that a shift of 2 sts should do it so that the pattern staggers rather than stacks the eyelets.

ETA: Finally had a chance to try this on needles. You’ve probably worked this out already but just in case, I added one more knit stitch before the repeat in B, row 7. That seems to stagger the eyelets at the join of rows 1-5 of A. Keep repeating the corrected row 7 and the k3tog decreases will take care of the eyelet pattern. The end of row 7 will be k1 or whatever works next to the dec from from 6.

Row 7: K1, yo, k3tog, k2, *k2, yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 2 sts, k1


This is great! I’ve saved your correction as a note with the pattern in my Ravelry library in case I ever use this pattern.

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Great idea! I just went and added that in the notes.

I saw another pattern reference, heirloom baby blanket or something like. I checked and it seemed to have the same problem. I think it’s the exact same pattern but don’t hold me to that please.

Maybe it would be good for someone to add it as a comment on the pattern. @salmonmac deserves credit for the fix so maybe you’ll do it?

That’s interesting because one of the Ravelry project comments said that the knitter preferred the Heirloom baby blanket to this one. I’ve written to Lion Brand to ask about the Eyelet pattern but I’d like @knitcindy to confirm that the shift solves the problem. I only worked a small swatch and I’d like to be sure that the result holds true on the blanket itself. Once it’s ok, I can add a comment or you can GG, no problem.

Btw, it’s better to give up the final eyelet on some rows if it’s coming too close to the p3tog on the next row.


Hi Salmonmac!!!

Unfortunately, I’ve already ripped out my blanket and started a different one with that yarn. I did look at both of those patterns side by side and one row left out a K1 in Lace Panel A, Row 3. The other difference was how they finished it at the very end. I hope you will post here when you get a reply from LionBrand. Hopefully, LB will post changes to this pattern on their website, because it’s VERY confusing!

I also sent a Ravelry message to someone named Maman Caille about this pattern. Several people mentioned on Ravelry that they had followed her suggestions for this blanket. I will post those results here on this thread when/if I receive them.


OK, I’ll be interested to see what the Rav knitter has to say. I tried the pattern with the same result (needed an extra k1 before the repeat in row 7) then just knit whatever sts remained at the end of the row after the repeats.
Too bad that you had to rip out your work. Ugh.

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Thanks. I wasn’t very happy about it. I did hear back from the Ravelry person and she posted her version of this blanket. The main difference is a wider border of 3 stitches all the way around. I will post her whole response here when I have more time for typing!!!