Latvian Plait

I’m knitting a Christmas stocking that begins with a Latvian plait. Round 1 requires the working yarn to be “in front of (over) the previous stitch.” Round 2 requires the working yarn to be “behind (under) the previous stitch.” Both of these rounds are purl rounds. Is Round 1 a typical purl round? If so, how do I purl Round 2? Thanks so much for any help. Connie

Are you slipping sts with yarn in front or back?

On Round 1, the pattern says to purl with the yarn “in front of (over) the previous stitch.” On Round 2, it says to purl with the yarn “behind (under) the previous stitch.” I’m not sure if this answers your question or not. Do you think maybe I should be purling through the back loop on Round 2? Thanks, Connie

There’s nothing to indicate purling through the back loop. Do you have a picture of the finished stocking to link to?

Yes, here is link:

You may have to copy and paste the link. I have a new Mac computer, and I haven’t learned how to make the link active yet.

Thanks for the help, Connie

The link was fine, just pasting it in as you did works.

Anyway, this one’s beyond me. It’s a way of braiding the colors together as you make each stitch. I don’t do colorwork, so really don’t understand it either.

Ok, thanks for trying. I’ll keep looking on the internet. Maybe I’ll stumble across an explanation.

Just in case anyone is interested, I found this tutorial on the web that explained (showed) it perfectly. Here is the link: