Latvian edge

>I just got a sock pattern with a latvian twist edge. The directions are there BUT confusing.Do any of you have instructions on this edging? What I have is:K4 hold LH ndl below RH needle rotate the LH ndl under the cast on edge on the RH ndl and then rotate :thinking: behind and over the top of RH ndl until the sts on the LH ndl are in position to knit . Do you actually turn the LH ndl itself or rotate it up and around the RH ndl
>Thanks for your help

It sounds like you take the whole needle and bring it over and around the right needle to twist the entire row.

Are you Latvian???

I am, and ever since my mother found out I learned to knit, she’s been at me to knit Latvian gloves - which are still WAY beyond my skill level.

Anyhoo, Svieks if you are!