Lattice Knit Hat

I have just picked up knitting needles for the first time in a long time. I am trying to make the Elysian Lattice Knit Hat from Cascade yarns (W557).

I am confused about the Row 2 instructions. The instructions state that you knit the K sts & purl the P sts as they appear. What exactly does “as they appear” mean?

Also, the 6 stitch plait which is part of the pattern in row 1 calls for row 2 to be purled. How does that work when the instructions for row 2 state to knit the knit stitches & purl the purl stitches?

Thanks for your help.

“As they appear”=if it looks like a knit stitch, knit it, if it looks like a purl, purl it. It’s to avoid confusion when you turn the work. Some people get stuck on “knit the knits, purl the purls” because they’re thinking of what they did on the row before.

I don’t have the pattern, but I’m going to guess that the plait has the purls on the outside/public side/right side. The back will be purls.