Lattice and Basketweave Throw

I am looking for a pattern for a Lattice and Basketweave Throw. I downloaded some pictures from a knitting website and some directions, but unfortunately the pattern is for the basketweave throw and not for the lattice throw. This was featured under the title of “The Lure of a Hand Knit” in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, July 2006. I did locate the magazine but there was no article - :?? I am totally frustrated.
I am downloading a picture that might jog some thoughts as to where I could find this pattern. I have also tried to contact Better Homes and Gardens, but no response yet.

Hi. Here is the pattern. It’s a lovely throw for sure :slight_smile:

Well, unfortunately that is only one of the patterns - or so I think. The title of the pattern led me to believe that it was for the darker one - the lattice one, but the pattern is actually for a throw that is a basketweave pattern. Has anyone worked with this pattern?

It’s actually in pieces that are seamed together–basketweave and lattice.

They start to give the lattice pattern, but end it after row 2. I’m not sure if that’s all you need or not.

Well, I have knit a good 25 inches and it looks nothing like what is on the couch. I must be totally out to lunch… :pout:

I don’t think they show all of the lattice pattern.

From the front, it sould look like this:



If you change the knits to purls and purls to knits on the even rows, you should get the lattice pattern working back and forth.

The title is `throw’ - singular, so I take it to mean the throw has both stitch pattern in it.


Tomorrow I am going to try the pattern you suggest for the lattice Ingrid. I also think all of the lattice pattern is not there. If you just keep repeating the two lattice rows they have, you just get an inset type of pattern that looks like a basketweave.
I agree with you suzeeq it is singular which is the confusing part. If you look at the first picture there is a white throw pictured. I cannot zoom in on that close enough to see any detail, but I suspect that is how what I am knitting (using the printed directions) is coming out. I guess what is most frustrating to me is when I started this I was thinking it would come out like the darker throw. Surprise, surprise… but very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, what is on my needles is great looking, BUT not what I wanted. :wall:

I also have tired to figure it out. So I emailed BH&G magzine.
They have replied and have mailed me the hard copy and a photo of the Lattice Basketweave Throw. Here is the email address so hopefully they will send it to you also.

this is in Australia and she was so nice to respond to me twice.
so if there are other ladies in question of this pattern, you might pass it along

If you want you can email me and I will try and retype it when I get my pattern in the mail.

Judy/Springboro, Ohio

that is true but the pattern has an error in it. Last year I found a email address for BHG support and I got the pattern in a large paper pattern along with other patterns on the page.

The website is not from the USA it is from Austraial or Africa.

On the pattern brochure I cannot find anyplace to send a question too. Maybe someone on Ravelry would have it.:wink:

I think I found the pattern you are looking for but being new to this site it would not allow me to post a link. But, you should find it by doing a google search for Square Lattice Afghan Pattern on freepatterns (dot) com website.