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I finished Katja this afternoon and took some pictures. So… here they are! :smiley: I also included a pic of Marie and me wearing our matching Lotus Blossom Tanks.

The Katja pattern was FUN! It’s knit from the top down. So the cups and I-cord straps are finished first. Then, they’re attached when knitting the body by overlapping them and doing what feels like three-needle BO (except you’re not passing any stitches over to drop off the needle). It was cool to do the part where the cups get attached - that was my favorite part! :happydance:

Edited to add: If you plan on knitting this I have only one piece of advice. On the first row of the body there are CO sts at the beginning and end of the row (before and after the cups). Here are the pattern instructions for the first row:

Row 1 [RS]: [color=red]K all sts on straight needle[/color], k first 14[16, 16, 18, 18] sts of first cup, k next st of first cup together with first st of second cup, [k next st of first cup together with next st of second cup] 8[10, 10, 12, 12] times (all sts of first cup have been worked), k rem 14[16, 16, 18, 18] sts of second cup, CO 22[21, 25, 24, 27] sts. 81[85, 93, 97, 103] sts.

I knit the CO sts at the beginning of the row (see the red text above). Actually, I didn’t need to do this since you can just start knitting the cup sts right after casting on. When I seamed the back, the left side had one extra row. Thought this might help! :wink:

Those are AWESOME! :thumbsup: Love the matching tops, SO cute, and the katja top is amazing. It looks so sweet on her. :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering:

Wow, great job! (Your knitting looks great too!)

Everything looks just perfect, but goodness, what a little cutie you’ve got on your hands! She’s even got your smile!

:heart: :heart:

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Oh, you two look adorable!!!

And the Katja is precious–beautiful work! :thumbsup:

I love those tops! They’re just so cute!

Very cute!! :thumbsup:

Great job!

Oh my those are great!!! Well done!!


Like I said in the other post - you impress me with your work. The picture of you two together is adorable!

Your little girl is guaranteed to grow up and become a model - she’s such a pro now! :thumbsup:

You did a wonderful job on the knitting. Both are just beautiful…including the sweet baby!!

SOOOOOOooo cute =D

You two are just so cute together! I love the pic with the matching lotus tops.

Cute!! Your little girl is so adorable! :heart:

:heart: What a cutie! She looks great in her new katja. You did a wonderful job with all your work. Love the matching tanks (great colors)

Great job, they all look fabulous.

Adorable!! What a cute pair you are!! :thumbsup:

Very Beautiful, you both are!! I love them both!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I love the matching tanks! So cute!

so adorable! she is the cutest model!