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I completed Annie Modesitt’s Corset-T from Knitty Gritty for my daughter Krysten. It was was supposed to be for her 13th bday, which was on Saturday, but I’m a bad mom and didn’t get it done in time. She’s all gothy so I made it in Autumn Red and Black (Caron SS) and used “antique victorian” buttons (they had maroon and black roses).

She IS beautiful and so is the corset!

WOW! It looks great on her!!!

(please don’t let her pierce her face!!!)

Looks great and your daughter is beautiful! My son also turned 13 last Saturday. Feels kind of weird to have a teenager, huh?

Very pretty!

Just wait until she’s 15! :wink:

Thanks everybody. :slight_smile:

Hilde, no worries there. :teehee: She’s terrified of needles. Even 2 years ago, she STILL had to be physically restrained to get a shot. She won’t even get her ears pierced.

Robin, it does feel weird. Actually, having a teenager makes me feel old (and I’m not even 30 yet). How long have you homeschooled? We just started a few weeks ago. We moved here to Tucumcari in Nov and just weren’t happy with the school.

She’s gorgeous, and so is your knitting. I have a 14 year old, and I’m 34. But I love being a “young mom”. I still remember being 14, so he gets away with NOTHING. LOL!

Both your daughter and the corset are gorgeous!

Both are BEAUTIFUL!! Love the color on her too!! My girls are 1y and 5y – it scares me to think of when they’ll be teenagers…

Happy Belated Birthday too!!!


Beautiful! :cheering: I would be proud to wear something like that. (I’m 13 :wink: )

Thanks again, all.

Carmen, I agree. I’m very aware of all the stuff that goes on with her and her friends. And my brother lived with us for 5 years (he’s 19 now) so if I don’t know about it, he does. :teehee:

carmabelle, if you want to knit one for yourself, the link is in my sig. It wasn’t hard at all.

Oh Wow! I saw that on Knitty Gritty!!! It looks GREAT!!! :cheering: & your daughter is BEAUTIFUL too!

:cheering: Beautiful - the corset and your daughter.

I have a gothy teen, too. He’d never wear anything like that, though! :wink:

Very nice top, I love the colours you have used.
Very pretty daughter too!

Hazel x

I have been working on this very project for a couple of weeks now. I can’t get through the lace! Everytime I think I’m making headway, i look back at the lace and realize that I have made a mistake and have to rip it out. I think I’ve ripped it at least a dozen times. I’m almost ready to give up on it.

You did a great job or your T! Beautiful, really!

Your dd is beautiful… my dd is almost 10 and I can’t beleive she’ll be that big in three short years!

gorgeous- the corset AND the girl! love it! MKZ

You’re not a bad mom… just look at that beautiful corset! :inlove:

What a beautiful corset and daughter!