Lateral Braid

What am I doing wrong???

I am making a cowl that has a lateral braid on it. I followed the instructions which were clear but the braid is coming out on the inside of the cowl. ???>>? :knitting:


Just flip it inside out and turn the needles so the working needles and yarn are closer to you and the tube is away from you.

Your suggestion is a good one, but I just want to understand why the instructions aren’t working.

They are working, it’s just how you’re holding the needles. You’re holding them so the WS is on the outside, and if you flip the work through itself (inside out) the RS will be on the outside. When you began working in the round you probably had the needle tips away from you and the circle closer to you. It can happen in the beginning, the knitting flips back and forth, so just straighten it out.

I so appreciate your help and quick responses. However, I am now completely confused. I am knitting with the outside (right side) facing me. :knitting:

What are the directions at the point where you begin making or attaching the braid to the cowl?

Four rounds of k1 p1
increase round
7 rounds of stockinette
decrease round and
lateral braid with explicit directions.

It may help if you can link to the pattern or a picture of it, or give us the name of it. Then we can look at it to help you out better.

The ‘problem’ cowl can be found on Ravelry. It is the Dungarees Cowl by Kristen Jancuk, a free download. First post had wrong cowl listed :frowning:

For the lateral braid, you’ll always keep the outside of the cowl facing you as you work the stitches, two at a time. (You make one, slip the st back to the left needle, work the 2nd st, then the skipped st without dropping them from the left needle until both are worked. When both have been worked, slip both to the right needle. Then the last st on the right needle goes back to the left and you repeat working 2 sts.) It never turns around or flips so I’m not sure how you are getting onto the inside of the tube. Is that the problem, that the inside of the tube is now facing out?

This morning I went to my LYS in Cornwall (Orange County NY) and Gail figured out what I was doing wrong. When it says to knit in back of second stitch and front of first stitch I went between the two stitches to knit in back of second stitch. I should have gone behind the needle to knit in the back of the second stitch. Does that make sense???

I really appreciate the time you spent trying to figure out what I was doing wrong!


Absolutely! Great that you found out what was wrong and thanks for the pattern link. It really is a very nice cowl.

Yeah, sometimes for a twist st patterns mean work the 2nd one [I]from the back[/I] rather than in the back loop.

Funny, it was from the back and the back loop :slight_smile:

Another beautiful free download cowl from Ravelry: Growing Leaves!!!